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LEGO Ninjago Games  September 5, 2011 – 00:00

Are you looking for LEGO Ninjago games to play? This comprehensive list of the available Ninjago games should help you find what you're looking for including the Ninjago Video Game.Best Online Ninjago Game: Spinjitzu Smash.
New Snakes Game: Spinjitzu Spinball

Have you seen the new LEGO Legends of Chima Sets?

Whether you're after free online games to play, a video game, help with the LEGO Spinjitzu game or some pointers for the Scavenger Hunt, we've got some great ideas for you.

Ninjago 2014
The LEGO world is abuzz with the news that Ninjago will continue in 2014! There had been rumors that Ninjago would end in 2013, but it's looking likely that ...

Spinjitzu Smash is a free online game. It's a turn based battle game where you play one of the Ninja heroes: Kai, Cole, Jay or Zane.Ninjago Games: Spinjitzu Smash There's a story mode and Sensei Wu sends you on missions, but it's all about the battles really.You move around a 3x3 game board and get to throw weapons at skeleton army attackers who are in another 3x3 game board - you stay on your game board. You can also use game cards to attack oponents or improve your health - for some of these cards you need to be in the right position on the board for them to have the right effect on the skeletons.

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Today they have

Save $25 on your regular-priced Lego construction purchase of $100 or more. It did, however, exclude Ninjago and Technic, and Amazon says that set is Ninjago. Sorry.
But sign up anyway. Tomorrow's deals will be different.

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Another game series that I feel the need to play, no matter what it's making fun of this time around, are the LEGO series of games.

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